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Books for an entire class learning to read

Books for an entire class learning to read

$ 50

Did you know that nearly 70% of elementary-school aged children in Harlem, NY won't pass the state's reading exam? The Reading Team's instills a lifelong love and enthusiasm for reading in children from disadvantaged communities. You can help by providing a child like Ricky, and his entire class in Harlem, with books so they will have the opportunity to learn to read. 

The Reading Team focuses on literacy and problem-solving activities enable children to change the course of their young lives forever. 


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Because this gift is 100% tax-deductible, it may be eligible for a matching contribution by your employer. Check with your workplace to see if you could double, or even triple, your gift.

This gift option is representative of the funding needs of programs run by World of Children Award’s current Honorees. Your gift represents a gift to the entire mission of World of Children Award and will be used where and when most needed to provide assistance for educational programs or to address a similar need.

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