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How It Works

The World of Children Online Store offers two different ways for your purchase to impact vulnerable children’s lives.


world of children award jewelryWhen you purchase a piece of limited edition World of Children jewelry, the profit from each sale directly funds World of Children's programs to fund and elevate changemakers for children worldwide. Your purchase unlocks the future for a child and each time you or someone you love wears the special piece, you will be reminded of the wonderful gift you’ve given.
After checkout, we’ll email you a receipt for your purchase and we’ll ship your jewelry within 3-5 business days. Shop Jewelry »

Symbolic Gifts

Each gift in our symbolic gifts catalog represents the impact that just one of our World of Children Honorees is making on the lives of children. Because these gifts represent work in Health, Education, and Humanitarian Endeavors, in countries like the United States, India, Colombia, and Sierra Leone, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for anyone’s interests or budget. 100% of each symbolic gift funds World of Children’s work and each gift is 100% tax-deductible.
After checkout, we’ll email you a link to a beautiful certificate that represents your specific gift to our mission and work. You can print and personalize the certificate and keep it yourself or gift it to someone who will be delighted to know you’ve honored them by helping a child. Shop Symbolic Gifts »

See the Impact

Each item in our symbolic gifts catalog represents World of Children’s current funding commitments to our most recent Honorees. To help World of Children and our Honorees deliver the most effective programs to the greatest number of children, your gift will be pooled with other contributions and used to provide life-changing programs to vulnerable children worldwide. You can follow the work YOU helped make possible throughout the year in our World of Children blog and through social media.