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1-month scholarship for girl in Ghana

1-Month Scholarship for a Girl

$ 75
In Ghana, especially the northern region, more boys continue to go to school than girls. By the time students reach secondary and higher level education, many girls have dropped out. Even those that graduate primary school often lack the financial resources to continue their education. Your gift provides a one-month scholarship to a girl who otherwise would not be able to continue her education. It is a gift of hope -- one that will have an impact for the rest of her life.

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Employee Matching

Because this gift is 100% tax-deductible, it may be eligible for a matching contribution by your employer. Check with your workplace to see if you could double, or even triple, your gift.

This gift option is representative of the funding needs of programs run by World of Children Award’s current Honorees. Your gift represents a gift to the entire mission of World of Children Award and will be used where and when most needed to provide assistance for educational programs or to address a similar need.

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